How's it going? I'm Ellen Cornish. 

UX Designer. Researcher. Problem Solver. Hot Sauce Connoisseur.

Growing up in a multicultural environment, I developed a keen interest in understanding diverse human experiences, which led me to study psychology at Simon Fraser University. During my studies, I worked in a cognitive research lab aimed at understanding the neural mechanisms of perception, attention, and memory.

After graduation, I spent four years at Bench Accounting, where I wore many hats, including researcher, project manager, and leader. Throughout my time there, I became a passionate advocate for user experience, both internally with employees and externally with our small business clients.

Reflecting on my career, I realized that my favourite part of my job was untangling complex problems to create simple solutions. This realization led me to pursue UX design, where I can use my previous research, problem-solving, and collaboration skills to create data-driven, user-centered digital solutions.


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